The idea

We decided to make qUtopic because we believe in an interconnected world.

The future is today. And we struggle to understand why in a world where planes and cars can be driven by themselves we still need to copy/paste from one window to another. Life is too valuable to spend it doing mechanical work that could be automated and simply avoided.

We believe in communication. We believe that talking is the basic way to connect. And we decided to make Excel talk to databases, affordably for everybody. Flexibly, fast and simply using “functions”, with 2 basic parameters: your connection string and your query.

You would probably appreciate if you are like one of us, who have been using spreadsheets to solve most of real life problems when you feel the pressure and the job needs be done no matter what.

If you also noticed that despite spreadsheets being the “de factokiller application since the PC was born, many vendors systematically attack them saying that are unsecure or data is in danger.


Actually, it boils down on how we use spreadsheets. If you are careful enough to store your data in databases and use spreadsheets to only “consume” this data, you are going to have a clear advantage.


Our headquarters

We are a Swiss based company, and the product has been fully designed and programmed here under the highest standards and requirements. Our environment of excellence, peace and order have been extremely favourable in sparking creativity to find alternatives to well deserved costly manual work.

If you would like to have a chat with us, just contact using the following form. We are super busy working on our next release, but we will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest!