Monthly report template “Blue”


If you are a fund management company in need to communicate your investment products’ periodic performance your most cost-effective answer is Excel®. You can produce a high-quality eye-catching report with a professional look for your clients and prospects.

The report format should be stable enough to convey a branding message, but with certain flexibility to be a real useful communication tool.

You would probably like to add your comments, news, awards, and even cutting dates for new subscriptions, but most of the things will remain constant. Some data is repeated exactly every period. We call that static data. And some other data changes as time passes by. We call this dynamic data.

The great part of this Excel template is that uses “dynamic data” from an SQL Server database.  In this case, we have posted data in the cloud so you can test the report.

If you open this report, with qUtopic.xll installed, you will see only one sheet in your workbook. On the left how this report will look like in the classic WISWIG way and on the right all the data used.

We used blue to mark static input data, green locally calculated data, and orange data obtained from a database with qUtopic functions.

Take a look to the template! It’s free.

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