Rapid Application Development with Excel and databases

Rapid Application Development (RAD), Agile Development, and Scrum, have been major topics in the front offices of large and medium size companies worldwide. The urgent need of having an application working ASAP have put Excel as the main tool at hand.  Excel facilitates the work because it is a flexible and familiar user interface. Excel can perform calculations, format text, and display charts natively. However, the connection to databases have been an obscure part of it. Mostly solved via a Data Connection Object, which is complicated and difficult to share with colleagues or using a VBA macro, that despite being effective, not always perform as fast and robustly as desired.

At qUtopic we know these issues because we have been dealing with them for many years. Our answer are the qUtopic functions. A set of database querying functions encapsulated in an XLL Add-in coded in C++.

qUtopic is an ideal lightweight affordable solution to any RAD development. Try qUtopic today!



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